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Cowgirl Hall of Fame - 519 Hudson Street at West 10th.
There's something about Cowgirl that simply puts a smile on your face. The walls make you feel like you're on the set of Animal House or back at Party U. The cool and friendly employees make you forget where you are. And, then it hits you: The aromatic smell of hot Tex/Mex food quickly flying by you until the embarrassment that you're drooling on your sweater. But, that's just the way it is at this funky West Village eatery where you get lost in ambiance and great food. Try the pulled pork, catfish or mashed spuds for a mind-altering experience while your kids play in the big bright back room known as Bar K.

Drop Off + Dine In at Cowgirl: Sunday and Monday evenings and weekdays for lunch.

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