March 2008 - The Brooklyn PaperThe Brooklyn Paper

on-site babysitters to watch children in a separate room while their parents — and everyone else — dine and drink in peace.  Yeah, go on...


March 2008 - Gothamist


The idea is almost as perfect as, say, getting a babysitter to come to your home while you go out -- albeit this is a simpler, cheaper solution. More article please!!!



March 2008 - Big Apple Parent / NY Metro

Drop + Dine, a new day and night-time concept, lets parents and friends eat a civilized meal while their kids (ages 1-5) are watched over in the next room. Click HERE to read the entire article.


February 2008 - Time Out New York Kids

"If having coffeebars in bookstores is smart, putting playrooms in restaurants is frigging brilliant!  Go to for details on Drop 'n Dine, an in-restaurant babysitting service."


January 2008 - Time Out New York Kids
BYO Bambino: Indulge

Every now and then, moms and dads need a break from their darling ankle-biter, but it's not always easy to find a sitter. Enter Parent Play, a company that arranges family nights out, then supervises and entertains the wee ones in a separate room. Spa days, comedy nights and tastings are a few of the organization's recent offerings. Various locations; go to

June 2007 - Big Apple Parent

"...The events are a great deal even without the fabulous (gift bag) swag."

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May 2007 - Time Out New York Kids

The coolest stuff to see and do this month: Time For You

Rest period Every now and then, we need a break from an Zanes concerts, museum exhibits and other kidcentric events. That's why, says Lambeth Hochwald, her company, parent P-L-A-Y, organizes grown-up events for metro-area parents (kids are supervised, fed and entertained in a separate room by staff). Get-togethers have included treatments from Euphoria Spa and a tasting of Tavalon Tea products at Meatpacking hot spot Comix. On May 19, the group is hosting its sixth happening, at City Hall restaurant in Tribeca. There, moms and dads can enjoy a full breakfast, meet new friends and listen to a talk by Christie Mellor, author of The Three-Martini Playdate. Cheers!

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April 21, 2007 - The Daily News
Now, fun's not just for kids

Why should kids have all the fun? That's exactly what the founders of Parent PLAY, a company that throws hip, all-ages play dates to show parents and their kids a good time, were thinking.

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March 11, 2007 - New York Post

The guitarist rips into "Twist and Shout," and the girls dancing onstage practically leap out of their Mary Janes. Juice-swigging 3-year-olds set aside their Tonkas and Elmos to see what's shaking.

Then the tune shifts to "Wheels on the Bus" - the "Freebird" of the pre-K set - and the crowd really goes wild. The few parents in the crumb-coated room have the happy look that comes from knowing someone else will clean up.

It's Sunday at 11 a.m. Do you know where your children are?
If you attended last month's Parent Play, your toddlers were in the main room of Comix comedy club in the Meatpacking District, being charmed by a musician and a balloon artist and learning yoga amid a platoon of perky baby sitters.

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February 17, 2007 - Battery Park City Broadsheet

Rewarding as it is, becoming a parent can also be an exhausting, isolating experience. It often means giving up couple’s time and independent time out with friends. Considered with time spent working and doing chores, it’s no wonder sometimes that the baby blues impinge upon the baby bliss. Around the start of their son’s second year, Battery Park City residents Lambeth Hochwald and Brian Kaplan began to yearn for adult contact and “family-friendly” events that were not just for baby.

Mr. Kaplan says, "We came up with Parent P-L-A-Y as a way to build community connections and have a great time."

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