You Need a Break...
You Need parent P-L-A-Y

Parents and toddlers love parent P-L-A-Y events and have been demanding more so we’re bumping up

our monthly events to the times that work for you.

You've told us that since your baby became a crawler into a toddler, what you've missed most are a few calm meals. So we're pleased to introduce our Drop Off + Dine In® program. You'll get everything you've come to expect from parent P-L-A-Y: a pop-up play space for your kids in a restaurant’s (unused) private dining room and our terrific P2 babysitting crew watching your kids, reading to them and teaching them a little Spanish, art, creative team-play or kiddie yoga (and maybe 20 minutes of Dora to settle ‘em down before going home). You tell us what you'd like, but it’ll be fun and enriching for your kids!

With Drop + Dine, you can:

  • prearrange a double date with another family
  • meet some friends for lunch while your kids play and learn next door
  • have a quiet early dinner while enjoying a nice bottle of wine and staring into your honey's eyes
  • read more than ten pages of that book you've been dying to read


Now This is Sitter-Worthy!


Beginning Monday January 28th


Please Make Reservations 12 - 24 Hours in Advance

It's easy. Just click on the neighborhood that’s near you or one that you’ve been missing to find a parent P-L-A-Y Drop + Dine-friendly restaurant near you. Restaurants will be added as fast as we can sign them up. In the meanwhile, send us a note to let us know what restaurants you’ve been missing most (it needs to have a private party room, however).


Honestly, aren’t you fed up with walking out of a restaurant, red-in-the-face, carrying a takeout bag due to a meltdown? Or profusely apologizing to the waiter for the large General Tso’s Chicken stain on their carpet?

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"I had a delicious brunch with friends - including adult conversation, yes! - and a relaxing massage. And without asking, we got an awesome gift bag which still amazes me at the value of the items and gift certificates in the bag...the baby care products by themselves are worth more than the price of the event!"

- Celine, Financial District

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