How cool are those Mama Birds over there (and now there's a Papa Bird contributing)! They've got it goin' on with a pulse like an index finger on an artery. Kudos to Kelcey, Alex, Daphne, Jordana and the other funky folks who tell it like it is.

Songs In The Key of New York

OK, so here's the scoop. This album rocks! It's clever, catchy and creative. Jeremy and Claire are two super talented New Yorkers who sing songs that both kids and parents will relate to. Because the songs are about New York, you'll relate to them without pulling your hair out because they're singing songs about hugging trees. Now go hire them for your next party.

Doodle Doo's

We love the folks at Doodle Doo's because they're really good with our kids while making the parents' experience pretty excellent at the same time. They also have some neat stuff - like t-shirts and cards - for sale. Definitely visit Dana and her crew at The Doo

Live Barefoot...Imagine!

Take an adventurous ride on a caravan or help your lil one falling asleep with a Prince's Bedtime. From babies and beyond, Barefoot Books are exciting and enticing for parents and kids.

parent P-L-A-Y introduced Johnson's Melt Away Stress line of products to a group of parents in March 2007.

We're still stress-free...yeah right.

We love Jim's Organic Coffee. How cool that it's 100% Organic, fairly traded and powered by 100% green power. Guilt-free (and tasty) coffee. Just the way we like it!

When our three-year-old son was a wee one, the best thing for his feet were Pedipeds. We agree: They are 'the next best thing to bare feet!'
Online Signs Direct
Not long ago, we needed 40,000 postcards, table top signs, banners, animated web GIFs, sympathy and kindness. Let me just say that Juliet, Alan and the Online Signs team never dropped the ball or even freaked out after several revisions. They went old school on their customer support. I'm telling you...beyond cool! Oh, and because they're in Canada, their prices were unrivaled. Get 'em on the phone for signs, banners, web, print and much more. 800-905-8883

TriBeCa's luxurious and euphoric spa :: Take some time for's deserved!

Forget boring flashcards with words like 'oui' and 'non' printed on them. At Bilingual Birdies, your toddler will have a blast learning French, Spanish or Hebrew and get to experience a little movement and music in the process. Sign us up!

We LOVE Apple & Eve products because they are extremely tasty and really good for our children. Compare the labels for'll see why smart parents choose Apple & Eve.

Cereality is the new choice in fast food. Here's how it's done: You combine the cereals you love and then eat it out of fast food containers. Fantastic concept!!!

Zid Zid Kids is as real as it gets. A husband and wife team based in Marrakech, Morocco, who make some of the most beautiful, interesting and genuine products in the world.

Camcorders are easy to operate. Producing a professional DVD that you'll want to watch over-and-over again is an art. You need people who bring out the best in camera-shy subjects. Reel Life Tributes nailed it with parent P-L-A-Y and delivered a fab video. Wanna know why? Cause they used to work for places like 60 Min and they ask the right questions.

Yummy! Shock Rocks Your Coffee World. And, It’s All-Natural

Luxe Paperie creates a unique and special stationery that is second-to-none. Share some of their passion and love with a special person in your life.

Ah, New Yorkers...always an opinion. Frequently served hot with attitude. But, if you're right. Well, we've got to say that Anna is just tapped in. No 'tude; just good suggestions.

We love the fact that Dana hand-picks every stone, which results in a piece of whimsically elegant jewelry that's as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Tomat has a lot in common with parent P-L-A-Y: They remind us not to take life so seriously by mixing equal parts vintage, modern, fun, cool, hungry and different with a sense of humor for some pretty neat wears...hmm, maybe we don't have much in common.

Buying furniture once or twice as your kids grow sounds nice to us.

Their ads rock. Their products work for busy families. What's not to like?

Tea tastings are nothing short of delicious when Dawn's brewing the leaves.

Nothing chills a parent like a mellow candle. Way Out Wax is pretty chill...or are they hot? They're cool and made in Vermont.

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