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Past Events

In October 2007, our families

Got Up & Came Down to Cub Room...

for a spirited chat w/ NY TIMES city editor, Wendell Jamieson, who read from his new book, Father Knows Less or: "Can I Cook My Sister?" One Dad's Quest to Answer His Son's Most Baffling Questions.

The parents enjoyed a delicious brunch, a couple mimosas and some adult conversation.

One family won an Inglesina Light-Weight Stroller and a funky stroller tote courtesy of Hedvig Bourbon

The kids rocked out with Ryan Paulson in their

Built-Out Playspace with Toys + Games and the P2 Babysitting Crew.

Each family left with a lavish gift bag

"'Father Knows Less' is the story of [Wendell's] quest to get answers, and the memories of childhood and parenthood it conjured up. Sprinkled throughout are the sometimes hysterical, always fascinating questions of children, and the answers [Wendell] found."

After taking part of the summer off...parent P-L-A-Y took

over Harry's Cafe & Steak in September 2007

We featured:

a delicious brunch, mini massages from Emily Rynd, trunk shows from

dana galin jewelry and sophie catalou kids' clothing, mister ruark and

the P2 Babysitting Crew for the kiddies...oh, and an amazing gift bag
Last May... parent P-L-A-Y welcomed Christie Mellor, author of

The Three-Martini Playdate & The Three-Martini Family Vacation

for a fabu-licious brunch and a fun chat.

"Warm up the ice cubes 'cause mummy and daddy need a little break."

-- Christie Mellor

We had to serve something straight up for this event, so we arranged for some

chocolate and green apple martini donations.

Mellor's zingers took the twists and olives out of the rest.

Mellor is arguably one of the funnier parenting authors today so our parents giggled all morning while Ruark jammed the six-string and Bilingual Birdies sang some fun French songs with the kids

Bilingual Birdies

Books From The Lovely and Talented

Christie Mellor

The Three-Martini Playdate The Three-Martini Family Vacation

In April 2007, we

Got Up & Greeted The Authors

When was the last time you celebrated the amazing job you do as a parent?

You are endlessly devoted and nothing makes you happier than the "I love you" you get during tuck-in. But we're still adults and there's nothing like a little adult conversation and a few mimosas with brunch every now and then.

In short, that's why we started parent P-L-A-Y

In April, parent P-L-A-Y took over

Cub Room, a cozy brunch spot in SoHo, for a tasty brunch and an animated conversation with two renowned novelists:

parent P-L-A-Y welcomed Laura Zigman and Cameron Stracher for some witty banter about the joys and jolts of life as a parent

Laura Zigman, a mom and author of several books, including Piece of Work, a semi-biographical novel that has been optioned by Playtone Pictures, Tom Hanks' production company, and Animal Husbandry, a national bestseller, which was made into Someone Like You, a film starring Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman.

Cameron Stracher, author of the forthcoming Dinner with Dad: How I Found My Way Back to the Family Table. Cameron commits himself to a revolutionary experiment: For the next year, be home by six o'clock at least five days a week to sit down to a real family dinner - and even help cook that dinner himself. "Instead of Absent Dad, I will be Nourishing Dad."

(Random House, May 22, 2007)

Read About The Authors

:: Click The Covers ::

Piece of Work Dinner With Dad

Both authors dished about life as a parent today. Stracher's goal: To eat dinner with his family five nights a week for a full year. Zigman’s theory: As much as we love them, toddlers are 'big tyrants of tiny countries.'


a fun, interactive and informational jam session with

Louie Miranda

one of the most interesting and different performers on the scene today.

**One lucky family brought home a Mutsy stroller (retail value: $750).**

check out the cub room photos: click here
In March 2007,

my kids let me...

Get Up & Sleep In



for a launch party of the new Johnson’s product, Melt Away Stress line, which were delicately applied by massage therapists from Tribeca’s Euphoria Spa.

Our attendees read cool magazines and enjoyed an amazing brunch and lunch

while chilling on luxurious beds

We enjoyed gourmet chocolates thanks to Green & Black’s chocolate

NY Golf Center helped us perfect our putt on their putting mats

And, the Sharp Things provided music with sweet harmonies and biting solos


Storytime and Art with Julie Merberg + Suzanne Bober, Co-Authors of Painting With Picasso

A Movement Class with Kids Co-Motion

A Mini-Spanish Lesson with Bilingual Birdies...¿Habla Español?

Elmo courtesy of NY Sketches

And the Amazing P2 Babysitting Crew

Scrambled Eggs, French Toast, Bacon, Home Fries, Croissants

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wraps, Vegetable Wraps, Tuna Salad Wraps, Roasted Turkey Breast, Ham, Roast Beef and a Variety of Cheeses

The parent P-L-A-Y promise:

Parents: delectable brunch, mimosas, cool music and connecting with good friends
Kids: a gigantic play space with music, games & the p2 babysitting crew
Family: a fabulous gift bag to go
Valentine's Day 2007,

Got Up & Chilled Out at Comix In Meatpacking

Here's a sampling of what we did:

Parents had two rooms to enjoy
Upstairs :: Chat & Chew :: Adult Conversation

Bagels, Schmears & Sweets from Murray's Bagels
Mimosas and Izze (all-natural and delicious) sparkling fruit drinks
Jewelry from Dana Galin Trunk Show
Handbags from Bagtrends
Powerful java from Shock Coffee
Smooshed Healthy Fruit Flats from FruitaBu
Mouthwatering Dale & Thomas Popcorn (Chocolate Chunk N' Caramel; Peanut Butter & White Chocolate; Georgia Pecan...BEYOND)
Funky Upbeat Tunes While Watching The 40-Year Old Virgin and Old School...pretty different

Downstairs :: The Chill Room :: Rest & Relaxation

Indian Head Massage and Mimosa Hand and Foot Treatments from Euphoria Spa
Detox, Rejuvenate and Find Serenity with Teas from Tavalon (and the Citron Mimosa Tea)
Sweet & Beautiful Valentine's Day Cards from Luxe Paperie
A Relaxing Sanctuary with Candles and Gossipy Celeb Mags
Cool and Mellow Funky Tunes with Trippy Ambience Videos to Capture the Experience

While the Kids enjoyed
Main Stage :: Live Music :: Balloons :: Yoga

Musician Extraordinaire, Ruark
The Ballooniac, Mike Gold
Karma Kids Yoga Had the Kids Facing Downward Without Any Dogs
Toys, Games, Mats, Trains, Rattles, Jigsaw Puzzles
The Sweet and Fabulous P2 Babysitting Crew
In January 2007, dozens of families...

Got Up & Hurried to Harry's

on Stone Street in the Financial District's Hanover Square

Here's what went down:

Harry's at Hanover Square, the venerable steak restaurant near Water and Broad, served the most delicious French Toast, scrambled eggs, homefries, bacon/sausage and mimosas to the parent P-L-A-Y community.

Parents got some well-deserved downtime, amazing food and spa treatments.

Meanwhile, the kids had live music from Andy Baum and we converted one of Harry's rooms into a kid's den of pleasure complete with mats, games, books and trains

(simply said, it was better than the best kids' toy store you could find).

The kiddies rocked hard while The P2 Crew babysat the lil' ones in the adjacent room

(some parents snuck in to dance and hang with their babies...that's cool).

A blissful brunch, luxurious spa experience, adult conversation and a goodie bag

(with Davi face cream; Aveda shaving cream and cleanser; Rejuvenile by Christopher Noxon; è· ko logic recycled cashmere baby hat; Tribeca Treats brownie; Method hand sanitizer; Zid Zid Kids Moroccan pillow; Putumayo Kids CD Sampler; Kashi and FruitaBu Smooshed Flats)

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