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With the Drop + Dine® program, parents of crawlers and toddlers can once again experience a quiet and relaxing meal while savoring a bottle of red – sans the repetition of Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine or Teletubbies jingles in the background. Or, you can finally have that double-date with your friends who you haven't seen in 18 months – without the aggro of having to coordinate babysitters. Maybe, spend some quality-time with a few friends during the day. The possibilities are limitless.

• The cost? $18/hour for one child; $25/hour for your second child and $30/hour if you have three tykes

  (but they have to be your children…sorry, no piggybacks allowed)

• PLUS…your third Drop + Dine experience is FREE! (don't worry, we’ll keep track for you)

• And, when you refer three families who Drop Off + Dine In (with our without you), you’ll also receive your tenth Babysitting  

  Experience for free.

• Your parting gift: A mini deluxe parent P-L-A-Y gift bag to go. It might not match what you'd bring home from a day at Bendel's,

  but we want you to experience the new products we've scouted just for you and your kids.

How it Works

Call parent P-L-A-Y at (212) 227-0251 or send us an e-mail at to ask about availability for a particular restaurant 12 - 24 hours in advance of when you want a sane meal. The more advance notice, the better your possibilities.

• We'll call you back within a few minutes to let you know if the restaurant is accepting parent P-L-A-Y reservations for that day

  (they reserve the right to say yes or no for any given day)

• If the reservation is accepted, you’ll provide us with your credit card information and we'll enter it into our completely secure PayPal link for the babysitter fees. We’ll tell you which babysitter will meet your family at the restaurant that day or night. Sorry, no cash accepted. Call for more details

• Relax. Enjoy your meal knowing your kids are learning and having a fantastic time in an adjacent room

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