Crawlers and toddlers are fabulous...and fabulously exhausting.

What most parents could use is a calm meal in a

restaurant while babysitters entertain + teach your

kids in the restaurant's private banquet room


Breathe Easy! Your Prayers Have Been Answered: Drop Off + Dine In®

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Ideal for stay-at-home parents who need a couple hours off. Get a group together.


Get two or more families together and enjoy a calm meal with your friends while your children play, eat and are entertained by the parent P-L-A-Y babysitters in the restaurant's private banquet room.  While you relax, laugh and have a leisurely meal - lunch, dinner or brunch - your kids will enjoy a mini-art class, learn to count to twenty in a different language, have a fun little drama class or play trains with our sitters.


The kids always have a good time.


It's What Both Parents and Children Want!



** Your Third Babysitting Experience is FREE! **

(Your babysitters won't say, "This one's on me!")



For every 3 families who Drop + Dine (with or without you) through your referral,

You'll Also Receive Your 10th Babysitting Experience for FREE!



each family receives a deluxe gift bag with cool items like beauty products, candles, coffee, t-shirts for your kids, toys...yada yada, yada

a parent P-L-A-Y gift bag


Get Some Friends Together For a Tablespoon of Relaxation

That's Right...It's Sitter-Worthy!



We'll Try To Accommodate with 6 Hours Notice, But...

Please Shoot For 12 - 24 Hours Advance Notice

(our babysitters are very busy, so we respectfully insist on a 12-hour cancellation policy in order to pay them)


Got questions?


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Call (212) 227-0251 for details




How Much Do We Love These Endorsements!!!

"A friend invited me to dinner at Fresh in Tribeca with babysitting included.  I was somewhat skeptical, however thought I'd give it a try.  I've been home only an hour and can absolutely say I'm hooked.  I will be a regular customer."

-- Krissy G, Upper West Side, NYC

"Parents who don't take advantage of this program are simply nuts!  We had SO MUCH FUN with our friends last night. And our kids loved your babysitters so much.  We'll be doing Drop and Dine a lot."


-- Stacey D, Upper East Side, NYC

"This was my 1st parent play event and it was amazing!  The babysitters knew my child quickly and noticed small details/achievements.  Food, drinks & private time with my husband was great.  Will definitely do this again soon!"

-- Edith C, Murray Hill, NYC



Drop + Dine is at These Restaurants:

(click restaurant for link to their website)

Lulu (Nolita) / Mon - Fri Lunch + Early Dinners / A Quick Brunch

(formerly called The American)

Fresh (Tribeca) / Mon - Fri Lunch + Early Dinners / Sunday Dinners


Cowgirl Hall of Fame (W. Village) / Mon - Fri Lunch / Sunday Dinner


Water Street Restaurant (DUMBO) / Mon - Sun Lunch + Dinner


We Hope To Add More Soon


Bear With Us, Our Toddler is Exhausting


Tell Your Favorite Restaurants With a Private Room to Add D+D!

Like You, We Want More Drop + Dine Restaurants


Help us bring Drop + Dine to Harlem, Upper West, Park Slope, Astoria...




Gotham Mag Gets It Right - Guess How Much I Love (Eating Without) You


April 2008


Gotham Magazine




"If having coffeebars in bookstores is smart, putting playrooms in


restaurants is frigging brilliant!  Go to for details on


Drop 'n Dine, an in-restaurant babysitting service."


- Time Out New York Kids / February 2008




Honestly, aren’t you fed up with walking out of a restaurant, red-in-the-face, carrying a takeout bag due to a meltdown? Or profusely apologizing to the waiter for the large General Tso’s Chicken stain on their carpet?

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"I had a delicious brunch with friends - including adult conversation, yes! And without asking, we got an awesome gift bag which still amazes me at the value of the items and gift certificates in the bag...the baby care products by themselves are worth more than what we paid!"

- Celine, Financial District

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